Family Trip to the Alabama Waterfalls



Gorgeous and awe-inspiring to say the least are the Alabama waterfalls. The fresh scents of the mountains and the ongoing trees as far as the eye can see. The terrifying drops which makes one question their bravery. Who can forget the tadpoles in the small pools? They absolutely fascinated Muffin. “Tadpoles are so small, how do they become frogs?”, she asked, which lead into an awesome discussion of the life-cycle of frogs. A small snake slithered out from under a rock right where we were having a snack to say, “Howdy!”


What a great day, basking in the powerful and majestic presence of the waterfalls.

Beauty in the Backyard


With all the fast paced days consumed with an on-to-the-next-thing mentality, it certainly can be difficult to find time for simple pleasures, or as the old adage says, take a minute to “stop and smell the roses.” The other morning we had a moment find us, rather than the other way round. As my daughter and I were taking a walk down the road, something lovely caught our eye. In a patch where nothing really grows, truly more of a barren spot, beautiful purple flowers had bloomed. We were quite surprised, and just had to take some pictures of this springtime gift. Cheers to the little moments, for these small joys are the greatest delights!

May you find your moment today.


Happy Easter!


My family and I wish you a lovely Easter! I hope your children enjoy the festivities as much as Muffin has, diving into the egg-battle field head on, fearless and courageous in the hunt of finding the most eggs. This is followed by meticulously accounting for every Skittle and Starburst, goodness forbid if but ONE piece goes missing…it WILL be noticed much to my despair. Anyway, may your weekend be as much fulfilling as it is fun.