Pokemon Go+Errands=Cool Dad

Earning major ‘Dad Points’  with Muffin as of late thanks to Pokemon GO! She’s become a pro at throwing that Pokeball, catching all sorts of Pokemon left and right. “Dad, it’s on your hand!” she says to me, while I make a feeble attempt to grab it, which looks incredibly silly according to family members and concerned neighbors.

We’ve been having a great time going around town here in Villa Rica, Georgia, as well as Douglasville, trying to “catch ’em all!” Pokemon GO has certainly made running errands much more enjoyable, not getting as much “are we there yet?”, instead, I hear “Oh my gosh Dad, there’s a Pikachu! We can’t leave yet!”

Here’s a picture she got of Growlithe in Douglasville by FedEx:


I hope that all of you are having a great summer. Cheers!