Happy Easter!


My family and I wish you a lovely Easter! I hope your children enjoy the festivities as much as Muffin has, diving into the egg-battle field head on, fearless and courageous in the hunt of finding the most eggs. This is followed by meticulously accounting for every Skittle and Starburst, goodness forbid if but ONE piece goes missing…it WILL be noticed much to my despair. Anyway, may your weekend be as much fulfilling as it is fun.



The Mobility of a RibRave DurAquos Inflatable Boat

Have you ever been on a boat that doesn’t track well, and you spend more time trying to get your boat going in a straight line rather than drifting left and right? How about a boat that just doesn’t plane at all, even though you have disbursed weight properly throughout your vessel and you know that the outboard motor you have should be able to get your boat planing?

The mobility of the The RibRave DurAquos Inflatable Boat is great, with or without an outboard motor on it. The RibRave DurAquos inflatable boat is also very easy to get into the water, especially since one does not require the use of a trailer to back the boat down into the water, like a traditional fiberglass bottom boat, which gives you more time doing what you love.  In any condition of water, the RibRave DurAquos is perfect for cruising on; whether you have choppy waves or the water is as smooth as glass, your DurAquos will conquer those waters time and time again. But about its mobility, the two things that make it so great for getting around it its Deep V keel, and the long pontoons—the tubes that extend past the transom—which allows one to achieve planing mode quicker than normal.

The RibRave DurAquos 10′ 6″ In Planing Mode Using a 6 Horsepower Outboard Motor

The Deep V keel adds a good amount of tracking to the boat, allowing one to precisely maneuver the boat while maintaining complete control, even at increased speeds. Let’s use a hypothetical situation and say that one didn’t have a Deep V keel, but instead used a flat bottom boat; the boat would ‘drift’, or sway right or left, while moving forward, thus decrease in performance depending in what application you are using your boat for.

The extra-long pontoons on the The RibRave DurAquos Inflatable Boat serve the unique purpose of getting the boat to plane at low speeds. When the boat is in the water, and one throttles the outboard, the bow of the boat lifts out of the water until it gains enough speed, at which point the bow slightly lowers itself back down and the boat goes into planing mode, meaning that the boat is operating on top of the water, rather than plowing through it. The pontoons function is to decrease the time—or the required speed—it takes to achieve planing mode by preventing the bow from lifting far from the water. If you have an additional passenger or equipment on your boat, it help to have them towards the bow of the boat if you are attempting to have it plane.

The RibRave DurAquos Inflatable Boat offers plenty more than just increased mobility and peak performance. You can read more about the RibRave DurAquos by visiting our website at ribrave.com

Happy boating!